How to Download

How to Download Your Project

The below step-by-step guide details how to Download Your Project with ATS Spec. After making your product selections, downloading your project in multiple formats with ATS is made easy.

Quickly download your Plumbing Fixture Schedules, Mechanical Equipment Schedules, Bathroom Accessories Schedules, Interior Finish Schedules, Cut Sheets, Owner Presentations, Revit families, Schedules, and much more. Conveniently download your complete specification package, available in 10+ different formats, to best suit your needs.

Step 1: Accessing the Download Projects Page

Access the Download Projects page. You can do this by going to the “Projects” page, selecting the project you want to Download, and then selecting the download button.

Alternatively, you can also get to the downloads page while editing products by clicking the “Project Tools”, and selecting Download.

Or you can also get to the Downloads page after specifying a product by selecting “Save and Download”.

Step 2: Choosing your Download Type

From here we have some options for all of the different formats we can select. They are categorized into PDF formats, Word formats, Excel formats, and Other Zip files. Once you have selected the format you want, just click the icon

1. Cutsheets (PDF)

Technical data sheets that are great to use with a contractor.

2. Product Brochures (PDF)

Useful for client presentations or meetings to show the decision makers a quick overview of your product selections.

3. Long Spec (PDF)

Long product description specification to use in your construction documents.

4. CutSheet with Long Spec (PDF)

Combines the Cutsheet format with the Long Spec format.

5. Short Spec (PDF)

Condesed product descriptions which can be used in schedules or construction documents.

6. Cutsheets with Short Spec (PDF)

Combines the Cutsheet format with the Short Spec format.

7. CSI Master Format (Word)

3 Part Specifications, typically used in construction documents.

8. Long Spec (Word)

Long product description specification to use in your construction documents.

9. Short Spec (Word)

Condesed product descriptions which can be used in schedules or construction documents.

10. Schedules (Excel)

Using the selected products, the system can generate:

  • Plumbing Fixture, Mechancial Equipment and Drainage Specialty Schedules
  • Locker Schedules
  • Accessories Schedules
  • Interior Finish Schedules

Useful in Excel format for dropping in CAD drawings.

11. Plumbing Fixture Schedule With Long Spec (Excel)

Combines the Schedule with the Long Spec format.

12. CutSheet with CSI (Other)

Combines the Cutsheet with the CSI Master Format

13. Revit Families (Other)

Downloads a 3D model for use in Autodesk Revit. These files can be opened by Revit 2014 and above, however with ATS BIM-on-demand, files can be created for earlier versions.

Step 3: Finalizing your Download

From here, you can customize your download further by:

  1. Organizing your drawings in alphabetical order of your drawing’s label, or sort it by the numerical order of the drawing sequence you’ve assigned. If neither a label nor a sequence has been assigned, ATS Spec will group products together what order it was selected in.
  2. Print all fixtures, or choose to exclude particular products for our current download format by selecting “Specific fixtures.” This will cause another window to pop up, showing us all of the products for your project, and allow us to select and de-select specific products, or even entire divisions.
  3. Certain formats may have some other options, such as brochures. With this format, you will be able to select a picture for the cover.
  4. Choose to package your specification in it’s entirety, or select specific fixtures that you want to download.

Once you’ve finished finalizing your download, just click the download button, and your specification will automatically begin downloading.

We hope this guide was helpful to you.

We strive to help our users save time with their division 8, 10 and division 22 specifications. We invite you to browse our Help Center for a series of “how to” videos and guides. Should there be a video or guide you feel will benefit yourself and fellow users, please do not hesitate contact

Thank you for using ATS Spec!

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