How to start a project specification

Creating a Project with ATS Spec

The below step-by-step guide details how to Create a New Project with ATS Spec. This step is crucial to accessing product information and product configurators recommended for your building application.

Step 1: Getting to the Project Creation Page

After logging in, you will be brought to your projects page. Simply click the Create New Project button to get started (found near the top left-hand corner).

This will bring you to the Create New Project form. Simply fill out the form to access product recommendations specific for your building application. (It may look daunting at first, but it is actually quite simple to fill out.)

Step 2: Filling Out Required Information

Form fields with a red asterisk (*) next to it are required to proceed.

Why We Ask for Certain Fields

1. Internal No.

The internal number (AKA project or job number) is for personal use, and organization. It’s optional.

2. Spec Name*

Specifications on ATS Spec must be named. This name is populated at your discretion. Should there be an “unofficial name” for your project, or the name is undisclosed, you can fill it out as you please and update this area later.

3. Class of Building* and Building Type*

Specifying your building class and building type will enable ATS Spec to automatically recommend code compliant and compatible product combinations specific to your application.

4. State/Province* and City*

ATS Spec’s system strives to remain up-to-date with State/Provincial building codes. For example, should you live in New York and building a project specification for California, ATS Spec will suggest products that meet the CalGreen building code.

5. Address, Owner, Architect, Engineer, Interior Designer Name

Optional. By supplying this information, ATS Spec will add this information to your output page, making them feel more customized to your project.

6. Area (in sq. ft.)*

By including your project’s square footage information, ATS Spec will require this when it comes to products that require sizing. The more accurate this is, the more accurate product selections can be.

7. Date of Bid/Tender*

Date of bid or tender, determines the last date for ATS Spec to automatically keep your project up-to-date with building codes and product selections. For example if a selected has product has been discontinued, the system will automatically update and inform you of the changes up until this Date of bid. This includes discontinued products, updated product numbers, etc.

8. Permissions

Permissions allows you to share your projects with your firm. Collaboration with co-workers on the ATS Spec system is very easy. Simply check off the names of those who you want to be able to edit and delete your project.

Should there be a team member that you’d like to add or remove (because they are no longer at your company), please contact your account’s Administrator and ask them to update it. Or, please contact ATS directly to assist with this update. 1.800.245.1880

9. From ATS Building Template (ATS Building Template)

By checking this box, you will be able to access and get started with ATS’ Building Templates.Simply use the drop-down menu to select a template that suits your building class. Please see ATS Building Templates guide for more information.

We hope this guide was helpful to you.

We strive to help our users save time with their division 8, 10 and division 22 specifications. We invite you to browse our Help Center for a series of “how to” videos and guides. Should there be a video or guide you feel will benefit yourself and fellow users, please do not hesitate contact

Thank you for using ATS Spec!

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