Release notes

Release notes: September 1, 2021

September 1, 2021

What’s New

Nothing beats the shark 🦈

The complete line of reliable plumbing products that improve efficiency from meter to fixture from SharkBite products are now available on ATS Spec Tool!  SharkBite classic brass push fittings and valves, PEX pipe, EvoPEX system and flexible connectors can be leveraged for any plumbing application can be specified on ATS Spec Tool. Featuring products to improve efficiency from meter to fixture, Sharkbite can help ensure fast and efficient plumbing repairs for multiple applications. 

SharkBite products can be found in the Plumbing Piping section of ATS Spec Tool for Canadian Specifiers.

The product categories include

Save time and costs with HoldRite

We are excited to add fire stopping and piping solutions from HoldRite to Spec Tool. Featuring a large range of reliable products engineered to maximize productivity and safety, HoldRite can help save time and money for code-compliant solutions in your space. 

HoldRite products can be found in the Fire and Protection and Plumbing Piping sections on ATS Spec Tool for Canadian Specifiers.

The product categories include

What’s Improved

Improved 3 Part written specification for  Architectural Specialties

When you make product  selections for toilet partitions and toilet accessories see an improved 3 part specification with customized details on the products as well as the installation of partitions and accessories.

With this enhancement, there is increased coordination between the written specification and schedules. 

There will also be more customized details to view and include in your project manual on ATS Spec Tool.

Improved Product Selection & Navigation

In the editing stages of a project specification or drawing, users will now be directed to the first product of the drawing during the editing process to help reduce confusion while editing.

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