Release notes

Release notes: March 31, 2020

March 31, 2020

What’s Improved
Improvements on Drainage Schedule to include interceptors, backwater valve and roof drain accessory categories
Improved an issue with too many users loading the category selection page
Improvements on Backflow Schedule to include ACV, vacuum breaker, backflow preventer accessory categories
Dramatic speed improvement (2-3X on average for a project of 10 drawings and 50 products) to manufacturer spec sheet download format
Increased limits of most download formats on the specification tool to 250 products with 50 drawings
Improved formatting on the print configuration pages

What’s fixed
Resolved an issue where the project list total number did not update after deletion
Resolved an issue on displaying location information in the project widget
Resolved an issue with long text overflowing on titles on submittal print format
Resolved an issue with address field on project list widget
Resolved minor print issue with product brochure