Release notes

Release notes: June 9, 2021

June 9, 2021

What’s New

Elegance redefined

Elevate your washroom design and specifications with Bobrick’s FINO collection now available on ATS Spec Tool.
Crafted with high-quality satin finish stainless steel material, seamless construction, well-defined edges and concealed hardware. Fino offers the perfect balance of function and design sensibility.

Closet carriers that get the job done, quick

Watts QT Quick Turn Carriers save on pre-fab shop time and labor, now available to be specified on ATS Spec Tool. Featuring a unique wall plate and quarter-turn locking nipple, QT QuickTurn carriers provide ease of assembly and can be fully serviced from outside the finished wall.

What’s Improved

Updated Print Formats 

If there is a long address for your project, it can now be split into multiple rows to accommodate for it to maintain the style and flexibility for the brochure. 

For all print formats, you no longer need to worry about your logo being stretched. We have upgraded the interface to ensure all logos will look good on all formats.

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved a regulatory rule issue with ptrap

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