Release notes

Release notes: June 24, 2020

June 24, 2020

What’s New
NEW: Updated accessories schedule for Partitions and Hooks/Shelves/Custodial products
NEW: Updated a specific list of categories to be displayed on the ATS SPEC TOOL (hiding other categories from other applications. e.g. Project Tracker)

What’s Improved
BETA Banner removed from application logo

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue with user updating email address and requesting a password change in the same session
Resolved a bug where a spec can be created without a name
Resolved an issue with product options and attributes starting with the same numbers
Resolved an issue with updating drawing order
Resolved an issue with product options not automatically selected in product search results
Resolved an issue with project edits name not being updated for download formats
Resolved a sporadically issue with finish button on spec creation
Resolved an issue with specification deleting if the linked project has been deleted
Resolved a bug with page number being cut off in large product brochure (over 100 pages)