Release notes

Release notes: July 8, 2020

July 8, 2020

What’s New
NEW: CSI 3 Part Specification download is available on ATS SPEC TOOL + All white-label spec tool (except WATTS SpecHub)
NEW: CSI 3 Part Specification format features three templates (Div 22 11 00, Div 22 40 00, Generic) in order to provide division specific information and customized Part I, II and III CSI master format documents

What’s Improved
Refined ATS SPEC Tool category list to provide a category list suited for designers
Improved formatting on short and long spec specification download on ATS and white label spec tools to make the document easier to read for users
Update forget password page to better direct user to checking emails after password reset
Updated sign up page responsiveness

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue where specific boilers were hidden on ATS SPEC TOOL
Resolved a bug where manufacturer, product number and category were not displayed in short specification for some products
Removed links on the applications that are no longer in use
Resolved a bug where saving by press enter key while editing a spec creates a new spec instead
Resolved an issue to hide VSB download links if a version is not available (if VSB is not on production then on the production version of spec tool this link will be hidden)
Resolved a bug where project names changes are not updated in some specification print formats
Resolved an issue where country was not printed on product brochure and manufacturer spec sheets
Updated validation and validation message to prevent projects with 0 sqft from being created
Resolved an issue with product brochure print for VSB