Release notes

Release notes: August 26, 2020

August 26, 2020

What’s New
NEW: New categories (Lock & Pressure Relief Valve) were introduced to ATS spec tool
NEW: New category (Pressure Relief Valve) was introduced to WATTS SpecHub
NEW: New category image for pump switches, pump oil guard – alarm panel, faucet and flush valve battery – backup, storage tanks

What’s Improved
Updated plumbing schedules
Updated drainage schedule to include hydrant
Updated backflow schedule to include acv accessories
Updated accessories schedule to include backrest
Applied category images from search results on the category selection page to match the theme of spec tool
Standardize font to CSI master documents to improve consistency in the download document

What’s Fixed
Minimized an issue with text overlapping in product brochure print to allow for additional content
Resolved an issue with product search while editing a drawing during product selection
Resolved an issue with manufacturer spec sheet print with apostrophe in the project/spec name
Resolved an issue with sign up users with identical emails as previously deleted users
Resolved a logo issue on submittal print for products with manufacturer that have special characters in their name