Release notes

Release notes: August 11, 2020

August 11, 2020

What’s New
NEW: New feature to display specific brand/manufacturer (manual vs automatic flush valve or faucets) by the location of the project (CAN / US) on ATS Spec Tool
NEW: Integration of google analytics on all spec tool to track user traffic and behaviour for reporting and feature developments

What’s Improved
Addition of Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Vendors, Wall Supply, Hand Shower Holder, Diverter Valve Trim, On/Off Valve Trim, Roof – Hatch Accessories, Combination Fixture to the category list on ATS spec tool
Addition of Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Vendors to the category list on Bobrick Digital Spec Builder
Addition of Wall Supply, Hand Shower Holder, Diverter Valve Trim and On/Off Valve Trim to the category list on LIXIL Spec Tool
Updated floor sink schedule with additional attributes to improve its accuracy and completeness
Added accented character (e.g. é, ü) support for product brochure and manufacturer spec sheet download formats
Improvement to rule engine related to drains during basin product selection
Dashboard widget icons now support white label capability and icons were replaced to match white label theme
Improved user experience by disabling city and state fields when country is not selected during project creation

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue where the user is directed to the login screen briefly during specification and project creation
Resolved an issue where category images on product selection step did not match the white label theme
Visual improvement on short specification download by fill in missing dash between description and product number
Resolved an issue with error on specification booklet (LIXIL white label spec tool) download
Resolved an issue with schedule formatting on description and body material for roof drains
Disabled/removed outdated buttons and options