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Environments for Aging: Roof Area

Roof Area

In facilities with seniors, it is imperative that the roof is easy to access for maintenance purposes and to access a swamp cooler or to reach other building equipment. Products like a roof access door and a roof hatches solve that problem, making the roof more easily accessible.


Acudor Electric Actuator Access Roof Hatches

Electric Actuator Access Roof Hatches


Designed to provide convenient, economical access to the roof of a building with ease of automation. 15 different models of Roof Hatches & Smoke Vents are available to ensure ease of access.






Green Roof Large Drain


Green roofs serve several purposes for a building, they not only provide insulation but also absorb rainwater, provide insulation and decrease stress by providing seniors with a more aesthetically pleasing landscape. Green roofs are suitable for retrofit or redevelopment projects as well as new buildings. The Watts Drainage epoxy coated cast iron green roof drain with flashing clamp, features a self-locking aluminum dome, perforated stainless steel gravel guard with secured solid cover, and no hub (standard) outlet.

When combined with the access door, the Watts Green Roof Drain helps optimize the roof area of a senior care residence.




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