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Environments for Aging: Food Service and Commercial Care Facilities

Food Services & Commercial Care Facilities

Where savings slowly add up in private residences, in commercial care and food service industries, improving the efficiency of products makes a significant impact on cost, water, and energy savings! Take a look at the compartment sinks, energy saving faucets and more!

Chicago Faucets Pre-rinse Triple Force ™ & 90 Series

Chicago Faucets Pre-rinse Triple Force ™ & 90 Series



Specifically designed to save time and substantially reduce energy and water costs for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and institutions.






Watts Icemaker Filter System

Watts Icemaker Filter System


Improves efficiency while reducing service calls and downtime associated with scale buildup and corrosion damage in commercial ice machines.








HygienicPro® Drain and Channel

Blucher Trench Drain



The HygienicPro®, with a high-capacity point and linear drains provide efficient flow and a high level of self-cleaning, are easy to clean and prevent bacterial growth while limiting also the water volumes and production downtime necessary for operating and cleaning the drainage system.






Compartment Sinks


 Franke Double Scullery Sinks

Compartment Sinks

Double compartment scullery sink. Sink compartments sloped to drain with radius coved corners on front and back only. Finished with a rolled rim. Stainless steel (16 gauge. type 304) tubular legs with adjustable feet. Includes waste fitting








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