Software Release Notes

ATS is committed to continually improving Spec Tool by resolving bugs and often implementing new features with each release.

You’ll find our latest release notes below.

March 3, 2021

What’s New

On ATS Spec Tool, you can now auto-generate a schedule for:

  • Domestic Electric Hot Water Heater
  • Domestic Gas Fired Hot Water Heater
  • Roof Support
  • Lockers
  • Plumbing Pumps
  • Piping Material Schedule

In addition to the schedules which were previously available on ATS Spec Tool, which includes:

  • Plumbing fixture
  • Accessories Schedule
  • Drainage Schedule
  • Expansion Tank
  • Backflow Schedule

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved an issue with list of products shown when editing a drawing
  • Resolved an issue with labels on masters
  • Resolved an issue with ordering of specifications linked to a single project
  • Resolved an issue related to product option checkbox

January 21, 2021

What’s Improved

Your download formats on ATS Spec Tool just got more personalized.  An improvement has been made to the submittal document which gives you the capability to customize the submittal document cover page with your clients’ information.  Manage your list of clients on the “My Contacts” tab and upload their company logo so your submittal shows your company information and theirs. 

What’s Fixed

  • Upgraded CSI formatting (1,2,3 or a,b,c) and content is now consistent with industry standard
  • Collaborators can now see newly added specifications on projects and masters
  • You no longer have to click the finish button repeatedly during a project creation
  • Collaborators on projects are now able to change their email

December 17, 2020

What’s New

As our work from home routines continue for the foreseeable future, you can now add collaborators (wherever they are) to work on master specifications and ensure seamless communication between all parties. 

What’s Improved

On Spec Tool, we have improved the search capabilities for products to help you save time and energy when searching for the right products for your project.

What’s Fixed

When copying your master to the project you are working on, the drawing order tool has been resolved. Now any duplicated Master will keep the same product ordering it had in the original version.

October 30, 2020

What’s New

Our new collaboration feature allows you to invite existing and new users to collaborate on projects that you have on the go. Sharing product & project data across offices or within a design team to make working together from home easier.

You can now organize your dashboard to show projects you are managing or collaborating.

What’s Improved

You are able to record the last edited date from masters.

On Spec Tool, you will be able to duplicate your masters and projects to help you save time on creating new specifications. Now, you do not have to go back and recreate projects that would have originally taken you hours to do!

What’s Fixed

We’ve added a visual cue for when the system is loading your quick search results.

September 16, 2020

What’s New

Now any ATS Spec Tool user can create a Master Specification and quickly copy portions or the entire Master Specification into a Project Specification. Click here to learn more about Master Specifications.

What’s Improved

Revit file naming convention to include the date of download.

What’s Fixed
Resolved a bug where building information was not displaying correctly on project list widget

August 26th, 2020

What’s New
NEW: New categories (Lock & Pressure Relief Valve) were introduced to ATS spec tool
New category (Pressure Relief Valve) was introduced to WATTS SpecHub
New category image for pump switches, pump oil guard – alarm panel, faucet and flush valve battery backup, storage tanks

What’s Improved
Updated plumbing schedules to improved and include anti-scale system, basin pedestal, bathtub, bed pan cleanser, bidet, bidet fitting, chiller, dialysis box, disinfection uv solution, diverter valves, drinking fountain, emergency equipment, faucet flow control, faucet and flush valve battery backup, faucet and flush valve power kit, fixture drain, flush valve retrofit, hand shower, hand shower kit, laundry box, p-trap, seat, shower arm, shower hose, shower valve, shower head, slide bar, supply, transformer, tub filler, tub spout, wall supply, water filter, basin, washfountain – multi-lav,
Updated drainage schedule to include hydrant
Updated backflow schedule to include acv accessories
Updated accessories schedule to include backrest
Applied category images from search results on the category selection page to match the theme of spec tool
Standardize font to CSI master documents to improve consistency in the download document

What’s Fixed
Minimized an issue with text overlapping in product brochure print to allow for additional content
Resolved an issue with product search while editing a drawing during product selection
Resolved an issue with manufacturer spec sheet print with apostrophe in the project/spec name
Resolved an issue with sign up users with identical emails as previously deleted users
Resolved a logo issue on submittal print for products with manufacturer that have special characters in their name

August 11th, 2020

What’s New
NEW: New feature to display specific brand/manufacturer (manual vs automatic flush valve or faucets) by the location of the project (CAN / US) on ATS Spec Tool
Integration of google analytics on all spec tool to track user traffic and behaviour for reporting and feature developments

What’s Improved
Addition of Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Vendors, Wall Supply, Hand Shower Holder, Diverter Valve Trim, On/Off Valve Trim, Roof Hatch Accessories, Combination Fixture to the category list on ATS spec tool
Addition of Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Vendors to the category list on Bobrick Digital Spec Builder
Addition of Wall Supply, Hand Shower Holder, Diverter Valve Trim and On/Off Valve Trim to the category list on LIXIL Spec Tool
Updated floor sink schedule with additional attributes to improve its accuracy and completeness
Added accented character (e.g. é, ü) support for product brochure and manufacturer spec sheet download formats
Improvement to rule engine related to drains during basin product selection
Dashboard widget icons now support white label capability and icons were replaced to match white label theme
Improved user experience by disabling city and state fields when country is not selected during project creation

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue where the user is directed to the login screen briefly during specification and project creation
Resolved an issue where category images on product selection step did not match the white label theme
Visual improvement on short specification download by fill in missing dash between description and product number
Resolved an issue with error on specification booklet (lixil white label spec tool) download
Resolved an issue with schedule formatting on description and body material for roof drains
Disabled/removed outdated buttons and options

July 28th, 2020

What’s New
NEW: CSI 3 Part Specification download is available on WATTS SpecHub
New feature to display Canada & US availability to user during production selection and streamlined user flow to display US available products in US projects and CAN available products in Canada
Users can provide feedback by newly added Report an issue option on ATS SPEC Tool

What’s Improved
Updated title for CSI Master to CSI 3 PART SPEC
Updated toilet schedule with additional attributes to improve its accuracy and completeness
Updated backflow schedule with additional attributes to improve its accuracy and completeness
Updated Zoeller Spec Tool’s category list to display Pump Alarm Systems
Updated spec talks blog link to open in a new tab
Updated contact us link to open in a new tab

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue where label and comments are not saved on spec/project detail page
Resolved an issue where users can not select specific product options after selecting another product option
Resolved a bug where product search during product selection steps are not reset
Resolved an issue where product options are not selected when edited an existing product

July 9th, 2020

What’s New
NEW: CSI 3 Part Specification download is available plus most white-label spec tools
CSI 3 Part Specification format features three templates
In order to provide division specific information and customized Part I, II and III CSI master format documents

What’s Improved
Refined ATS SPEC Tool category list to provide a category list suited for designers
Improved formatting makes documents easier to read
Improved sign-up responsiveness

What’s Fixed
Boilers are now visible
Short Specification are now visible
Country is now visible

June 24th, 2020

What’s New
Updated accessories schedule for Partitions and Hooks/Shelves/Custodial products
Updated a specific list of categories to be displayed on the ATS SPEC TOOL

What’s Improved
BETA Banner removed from application logo

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue with user updating email address and requesting a password change in the same session
Resolved a bug where a spec can be created without a name
Resolved an issue with product options and attributes starting with the same numbers
Resolved an issue with updating drawing order
Resolved an issue with product options not automatically selected in product search results
Resolved an issue with project edits name not being updated for download formats
Resolved a sporadically issue with finish button on spec creation
Resolved an issue with specification deleting if the linked project has been deleted
Resolved a bug with page number being cut off in large product brochure (over 100 pages)

June 5th, 2020

What’s Improved
Rule engine improvement which enable multiple categories to be recommended after a product is selected (e.g. after a sink is selected both faucet, p-trap and drain categories are recommended)
Specs have been upgraded to allow for future improvements such as permission/visibility in project tracker and reporting.
Standardized naming conventions for long and short spec file name to include project name, download type and printed date
Included application version to allow for better bug reporting and fixes

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue with updating project name and location did not update printed documents (long spec, short spec, manufacturer spec sheet)
Resolved an issue where long name were not fully displayed in the contact page
Ensured consistent print documents by removing drawings from products without any products

May 20th, 2020

What’s New
NEW: New category icons are launched to allow for theming of category icons to match each manufacturer

What’s Improved
UI Improvement for spec tool dashboard icons to match branding guidelines of ATS and white label tools

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue with using series spec sheet if the products does not contain a spec sheet used for manufacturer spec sheet fallback.
Resolved a bug with creating projects buttons not matching branding guideline of ATS and white label spec tools
Resolved an issue with product brochure download with an empty spec

May 5th, 2020

What’s New
NEW: Phase I of ADA / Barrier-Free Flow + Basic Rule flows have been created for toilet, basin, sinks, and urinal product selections for projects in Ontario. This feature will allow Spec Tool category images to apply branding/themes from the white label spec tools.
Content for categories images are being created currently and targeted to be changed for next sprint release

What’s Improved
Create new spec flow added- when a project does not contain any specs to guide the user the system prompts the user to create a specification first.

What’s Fixed
Resolved issue with using series spec sheet if the products do not contain a spec sheet used for manufacturer spec sheet fallback.

April 21st, 2020

What’s New
NEW: Added Request spec build as a menu option on ATS Spec Tool

What’s Improved
Include company name and user information on the user and product reports
Improved schedule to include thermostatic mixing valve, mechanical mixing valve and carriers in plumbing schedule
Updated Zoeller and Lochinvar white level footer links
Various content and UI corrections on spec download descriptions and series search during product selection

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue with spec and project deletion

March 31st, 2020

What’s Improved
Improvements on Drainage Schedule to include interceptors, backwater valve and roof drain accessory categories
Improved an issue with too many users loading the category selection page
Improvements on Backflow Schedule to include ACV, vacuum breaker, backflow preventer accessory categories
Dramatic speed improvement (2-3X on average for a project of 10 drawings and 50 products) to manufacturer spec sheet download format
Increased limits of most download formats on the specification tool to 250 products with 50 drawings
Improved formatting on the print configuration pages

What’s fixed
Resolved an issue where the project list total number did not update after deletion
Resolved an issue on displaying location information in the project widget
Resolved an issue with long text overflowing on titles on submittal print format
Resolved an issue with address field on project list widget
Resolved minor print issue with product brochure

March 17th, 2020

What’s New
NEW: User engagement, usage and product report
NEW: User profile page to allow user to change user profile and passwords
Team management page to allow user to create, edit and delete office details and users

What’s Improved
Display all option added for category selection
Added thermostatic, mechanical mixing valve and carrier to be included in the plumbing schedule
PDF submittal with a major improvement to dynamic layouts, margins, title page, and data
Category icons to improve consistency

What’s fixed
Resolved a minor bug with product filtering
Resolved an issue with product edit in the product selection page
Resolved several issues with the rule engine
Print descriptions are newly updated
Resolved an issue with editing specific products (ACV) which results in a product not found page
Resolved minor issues on schedule download

March 3rd, 2020

What’s New
NEW: Product brochure (marketing and promotional document that is designed to inform prospective customers the selected products within a specification or project) are added as part of print formats
NEW: Accessory schedule has been added to be part of schedule print formats
NEW: Reporting service which includes user login and registration report to measure user sign-up and login counts
NEW: Improved specification print workflow to open a new browser tab to allow user to start multiple prints simultaneously

What’s Improved
Filters are removed once the product selections are complete
Updated list of user role type during registration to match with industry standard
Updated list of organization type during registration to include additional industry firm types
Lists of category are organized alphabetically to make searching for categories intuitive and faster
Display by category was changed to Subdivision to provide clarity on the feature
Removal of spec action items on product selection and project detail page
Improved the look and feel of drainage/backflow schedule
Incorporated a new loading view for project and specification list
Price field is hidden during product selection until data and development support
Updated validation message on area field during project creation/edit

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue with specification deletion on the project list
Resolved a minor issue with warning message during login
Resolved an issue with displaying cover data on drainage schedule
Improved the product detail section by standardization of layout and text
Changed the terms & conditions of Bobrick spec tool to ATS’ terms & conditions
Resolved a minor issue with forget password page formatting
Resolved various issue with dashboard filters

February 18th, 2020

What’s New
NEW:Drainage & Backflow schedule are added as part of schedule print formats

What’s Improved
Improved specification download process by highlighting the download option during specification creation
Improved display of products with Revit files on the specification detail page
Improvement to spec filters which will allow the internal team to order both filters and filter options
Allow user to add and edit city, province, country and postal code to contacts
Updated Spec Tool links to be viewable on Hubspot as part of the user journey
Home navigation will be directed to a new tab as the user is leaving the application
UI improvements which included an application bar

January 30th,2020

What’s New
NEW: New format to allow users to download individual Revit families for every product organized based on their project specification
NEW: List of filters for each product category are displayed to help user find their products and create an accurate specification

What’s Improved
Improved the filtering process where the product options will be automatically selected if a filter option is selected by the user
Improved submittal download speed by ~30 seconds or ~50% on average based on specifications containing 75 products with 15 drawings
Updated the production selection steps to include a loading button to better inform the user and prevent mistakes
Updated the submittal title page to remove future features and adjustment to borders
Changed carrier rules message to be less restrictive and warning icon to information icons to prompt the user that additional products might be required
Updated the product selection steps to include back to spec button to guide the user back to the specification detail page
Spec sheet pdf for products/series will open in a new tab

What’s Fixed
Login and registration image banner was updated to be generic
Text change from fixture category to product category during the product selection process
Resolved various specification schedule contents and formatting issue
Resolved an issue with filters on the project list widget in the spec dashboard
Resolved an issue with favicons not being loaded on white label spec tools

January 15th,2020

What’s New
NEW: Specification list has been added for users to view a list of specifications created within their office

What’s Improved
Global search on the dashboard has been removed to avoid confusion to users
Hide download list on the dashboard widget until the feature is ready for release
Products without specification sheets will use the series spec sheet and if the series spec sheet does not exist, the product will have a label of “to be included” on the section title page in order to remind the user to attach the specification sheets manually on Manufacturer Spec Sheet download
State/Province, Zip/Postal Code vocabulary have been updated for registration and project creation pages to accommodate both US/CAN users
Disabled autofill on project creation and registration pages on chrome, this was preventing users from entering in address fields
Changed login page username to email/username to accommodate for previous and new users
Incorporated a message on the login page to prompt the user to use recommended browsers if the user is on incompatible browsers versions
Added delete confirmation dialog to prevent users from accidentally deleting products, specs, and projects

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue where a large number of products in a drawing will push the “consist of” message on the manufacturer spec page to the next page, it will now flow continuously into the second page
Resolved an issue where category heights are uneven

December 10th, 2019

What’s New
New: Manufacturer Spec Sheets – Allow designers to generate and download a manufacturer specification sheets package based on their specifications
New: Specification list is introduced to allow users to view a list of specifications created within their office

What’s Improved
The specification list is introduced to allow users to view a list of specifications created within their office

November 27th, 2019

What’s New
NEW: Download formats including long, short spec and schedule (sink, basin, toilet, urinal only)
NEW: Integration of Live chat feature for customer support
NEW: Drawing and Complete button are included during product selection to improve user experience
NEW: Favicon for all spec tools

November 13th, 2019

What’s Improved
Registration for users to sign up to ATS Spec tool & integration with Hubspot to send registration emails – Dashboard project list widget will display projects created by logged in user’s office
Added an error message if password/email is incorrect during the login process
Disable “VIEW SPEC SHEET” during series/product selection if the file does not exist
Various UI/UX improvements on loading pages

October 30th, 2019

What’s Improved
Removed Cross Reference Tool Button on product category and product selection view until features are supported
Removed “move” and “preview” on drawings on project detail page until features are supported
Hide language, notification and user profile from the menu list until features are supported
Removed personal contacts, exports, and print from contact page until features are supported
Added a drawing success / complete view to guide our users to the next drawing
Hide display by drawing/division on the project detail page until features are supported
Hide customer discounts in the contact page
Remove * sign-on field validation on project creation for standardization
Hide the horizontal moving button when only one product is in the drawing
Users will be prompted when closing the project create a window
Adding tooltip message to multi-use building class

What’s Fixed
Resolved a bug where project information is not centered

October 22nd, 2019

What’s New
NEW: Forget password functionality and integration with Hubspot

What’s Fixed
Resolved various UI issues with field validations during project creation

September 12th, 2019

What’s Improved
Detail page empty view

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue with product configurator on spec tool

August 12th,2019

What’s New
NEW: Product status (active, inactive, discontinued) will now affect the product’s visibility on Spec tool
NEW: Allow bid date to be set to in the past when creating a project
NEW: Various visual & styling issues are resolved

What’s Fixed
Resolved various visual & styling issues are resolved

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