What do you need from us to get started?

To get started, simply create a free account here. Please check your inbox for our validation email. This will allow you to set your password to start building specifications with ATS Spec Solutions!

From here, simply:

  1. Log onto www.atsspec.com All of ATS’ tools and services are free-to-use for the design community.
  2. Enter project information: ATS automatically determines code compliant and compatible product combinations, based on project requirements and geographic location.
  3. Select a room and build your specification: ATS continues to expand its service offerings, to include new product categories. This allows for greater flexibility and a wider selection of equipment.
  4. Save, download, and print: 10+ different formats to choose from. No additional text editing is required!

We invite you to check out our comprehensive tutorials or schedule apersonalized demo, to learn more about how ATS can save you a lot of time.