How does the ATS Spec system share documents between Architects and Engineers

ATS Spec Solutions offers 10+ download formats for your project. For example, Architects and Building Owners can download Product Brochures, and Engineers can download CSI Master Sheets and Schedules. All users are able to download the project in various formats, meaning an Engineer can also download a Product Brochure to provide to an Architect. The following download formats are available for all projects:

  • Cut Sheets (PDF)
  • Product Brochures (PDF)
  • Long Spec (PDF, Word)
  • Cut Sheets with Long Spec (PDF)
  • Short Spec (PDF, Word)
  • Cut Sheets with Short Spec (PDF)
  • CSI Master Format (Word)
  • Schedules (Excel)
  • Plumbing Fixture Schedule with Long Spec (Excel)
  • Cut Sheets with CSI (other)
  • Revit Families (Revit)