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Improving Acoustics Inside Buildings

Help protect your design against plumbing noises!

Noise pollution is one of the biggest areas of complaint among building occupants and continues to be an issue that can often be overlooked because of lack of awareness or concern on cost. Plumbing system noise is common  in sources such as drains, faucets, pumps and water distribution systems. 

This recording, led by RWC’s Mannan Mohammed, Jim LeStage and ATS Spec’s own, Zach Allison explored the sources and factors of plumbing noise in plumbing and piping systems. Watch the video below to learn more about 

  • Recognizing contribution factors of plumbing noise
  • Identifying cost effective methods of plumbing acoustic isolation
  • Review best practices for acoustical isolation plumbing systems
  • How to update plumbing specifications to incorporate plumbing acoustical isolation systems.

Tested and approved by an ISO-3822 Certified Lab, these field-tested and approved products in the HoldRite® Silencer ™System can help mitigate plumbing noises while supporting pipe solutions. These solutions are compatible with copper, PEX, CPVC, PE RT, Cast Iron and other piping materials. In addition, the Silencer ™ System can integrate directly with HoldRite’s Stout System ™and EZ Strut ™System

Add SharkBite & HoldRite to my Master!

Let ATS help you select the correct cost-effective methods for plumbing acoustic isolation based on your building or project. These solutions will help you save money and time to keep tenants happy and satisfied for years to come!

Add SharkBite & HoldRite to my Master!

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