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Engineered Solutions for Potable and DWV Water Distribution and their Place in the National Plumbing Code

Are you designing a high-rise building?

This recording, led by RWC’s Mannan Mohammed and ATS Spec’s own, Zach Allison explored the issues of make-shift DWV (Drainage, Waste, and Vent Plumbing) Testing. Watch the video below to learn how the National Building Codes addresses dissimilar pipe materials and how you can use ATS Spec Tool to specify the code-compliant TestRite DWV Testing System.

You will also learn how to select the correct PEX piping based off of your project application. The engineered EvoPEX solution enables an entire potable water distribution system to be plumbed without needing special tools, glue, crimping or solder while dramatically reducing the risk of leaks from installation errors.

Lastly, you will also gain an insight on how the DWV Restraints from HoldRite can address hydraulic jump issues on DWV pipes, while meeting the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute (CISPI) code requirements. These solutions will help save you money and time while addressing this large problem.

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