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ATS University: An Introduction to Watts Dead-Level Trench Drain

Welcome to another ATS University Virtual Learning Seminar. ATS University is our resource library that is chock-full of learning resources for our community so that we can keep everyone connected and learning about the latest updates from the market’s top manufacturers. This week’s webinar was a little different than others we have been hosting as this is a featured focus on a single product, the Watts Dead-Level Trench Drain.

Watch the presentation, Watts Dead Level Trench Drain System Virtual Learning Seminar

The presentation will cover:

  • Features and benefits of the Watts Dead Level Trench Drain System vs competitors
  • Ease of Installation
  • Ease of Specification

For a wider range of drainage products, where to use them, and why they are used, watch our earlier ATSU Webinar:  Drainage Design Solutions from Watts. 

Recap of Watts Dead Level Trench Drain System Virtual Learning Seminar

The Problem with Trench Drains 

Trench drains present a number of difficulties to both engineers and installers such as,

  1. It is difficult to get a fast and accurate estimate and the number of runs configured
  2. Keeping the trench protected and the grates free from debris during the construction process is difficult and cumbersome
    1. Trench be protected from debris and damage to the grating
  3. Ordering the necessary parts required with the drain is confusing
  4. Additional labour costs and time needed for installation and additional parts
  5. Specific installer issues of,
    1. Issues leveling and anchoring
    2. Shifting and floating during the concrete pour

All these issues add to increased time and labour required, as well as the cost of the project.

The ATS & Watts Solution

The strong and well-designed Watts Dead-level Trench Drain combined with the time-savings and smart configurations of the ATS Spec Tool, make specifying the Watts Trench Drain a breeze.

The Dead Level® Trench Drain is uniquely designed to solve all the issues associated with Trench Drains. It installs and performs like no other trench drain system. The innovative pre-sloped, original design is durable, simple, and provides straight runs.

The channel is designed to hang from the frame, acting as a conduit for the water, and not bearing the structural load. The load rests on the frame and grate, which is transferred to the concrete due to the extended flange ears and rebar/all-thread rod. The key here are the ears that create a stable, straight, dead-level trench. The frame-anchored design and longitudinally locking channels ensure that drains go in straight and stay straight. They cannot pinch, twist or float with the concrete pour, which results in a trench being installed at a dead-level.

The Construction Cover, which is provided with each drain, protects grates from construction traffic. This ensures no debris enters the grates during construction, and does not require the common ‘on site tools’ such as leftover plywood or duct tape covers that can leave behind their own debris.. Lastly, flexible Sizing, ensures clean installations can be made in 1- foot increments, without the need for field cutting or modification, saving time and money. You can order in 4- foot or 1- foot increments.


  • Saves time and costs with simple, fast installations
  • Straight, level runs
  • Stable, long-term, warranted performance
  • installs easily
  • no sealants required

If you have any more questions about the Watts Dead Level® Trench Drain or need help specifying it, contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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