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As completion of projects begins to pick up momentum again, it is vital to stay on track with everyone involved in the process from designers to engineering professionals. Office master details can support the flow of Project specifications.  

It’s never easy to maintain a high level of quality for office masters as it involves a substantial amount of time and resources to ensure accurate information of involved products. No two projects are identical, especially with specific project requirements and ever changing construction guidelines in mind. A well crafted office master, can be flexible enough to address issues and learnings from each project even though some find it a challenge to maintain such a document.

Challenges with creating and maintaining an office master:

  •  Accessibility
    • Ensure everyone can use the master from wherever they are: home or office
  • Maintaining product information 
    • Ensure the product information is valid (products are not discontinued and out of date)
  • Product research 
    • Keep up-to-date on the newest technology 
  • Including feedback from stakeholders
    • Easily include and maintain notes when a product should be used, technical requirements and best practices 

Best practices with creating and maintaining an office master:

  •  Accessibility
    • Ideally your company invests in an online solution which increases productivity. Some online solutions can charge a per use/per account which can get costly if everyone is using it.
  • Maintaining product information 
    • Many firms invest time in an annual review of Masters using an online tool to notify changes in product availability can support maintaining a master 365 days of the year.
  • Product research 
    • Many firms dedicate Intern’s time to find and learn about new technology and solutions. Or they rely on the Building Product Manufacturer to introduce new solutions in the market.

ATS Spec Tool 3.0 can help streamline the digital process in an efficient manner within your team and all parties involved. Save time and money maintaining your master and in writing up project specifications.

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How ATS Spec Tool can help!

At ATS, we have made substantial improvements to Spec Tool 3.0 to guide you and your team in simplifying the process to create and successfully maintain an office master for your whole team. 

Master Creation

Masters are an integral part of any design and construction project. In using Spec Tool 3.0, you will have access to create a Master and easily copy it into any Project Specification. ATS Spec Tool 3.0 cloud based solution allows any firm to have limitless accounts making accessing the Master easy. Regardless if you or your team are on the road, in the office, at home or on the job-site create anyone can manage or access the Master from anywhere.

Master’s Management

Your dashboard can make it easy to manage your company masters. Everyone (i.e stakeholders) involved in the firm will be able to share and review the master for accuracy, consistency and comprehensiveness. The dashboard is designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications and product information so you can customize it based on company preference and feel. 

Product Availability

More products from existing manufacturers are uploaded into Spec Tool 3.0 to give you updated options to access for your office master. ATS Spec Tool will also inform the Master creator when a product has been discontinued and support you to find a replacement.

We’ve often heard the phrase “time is money” on countless occasions. We want to ensure that the office master is in top-shape for a project to proceed forward. Everyone’s feedback should be heard without any time constraints in real-time. In using Spec Tool 3.0, it will ensure the maintenance of an office master will be as easy as tying your shoes.

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