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ATS University – Aesthetics of Access with Acudor

Welcome of  ATS Univerity Virtual learning seminar of the “Aesthetics of Access”. You can view the recording and read a recap of the presentation by Scott Robbins, Vice President at Nelson Industrial, on Acudor’s vast design solution for aesthetically appealing access doors by Acudor. He will dive into the differentiating factors of access doors and panels.

This webinar focuses on:

Factors affecting the quality of your design

  • Flush for drywall
  • Recessed for drywall
  • Fire Rated – recessed for drywall (patented)
  • ACD-2064 Recessed Acoustical Door
  • ADWT Airtight/Watertight

Nelson architectural metals:

  • Decorative metal panels and covers
    • Application: wall, ceiling, and column coverings

Watch a recording of the video:  Aesthetics of Access with Acudor

The role of an access door is to provide an aesthetic appeal whilst concealing. However, we find that many access doors have not been properly selected and fail to be adequately concealed- they stand out and do not blend in and are not aesthetically appealing. To provide visually appealing and hidden access doors Acudor offers doors that work with drywall, that have concealed edges and are sag-free. They are also Zinc coated to minimize. corrosion.  With good mudding, this door blends right in.

DW series

Easy access and aesthetics combine with the new interiors Recessed Door, DW series, is THE door for interiors. It is pre-fitted with drywall and can be specified in the round of square shape.

DW-5058 TD

The DW-5058 TD Recessed allows for a tiled wall, the DW series allows for marble or heavier tiles, to help you fit your aesthetic needs.


The VFCD-DW is designed to conceal the HVAC system in hotels, quite a niche product. Designed to fit the design needs of any area.


Have Questions? We Have Answers!

If you have any questions about the products featured in this article feel free to contact ATS. Our product experts are here to help via Live ChatEmail, and Phone (from the safety of our homes).

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