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What are the best practices for designing a prayer room?

The role of prayer rooms in a post COVID-19 world

The human race has been grounded for the last 17 months and people are itching to take to the skies. As airports begin to come alive again, people will soon start to miss the peace and quiet that they had just gotten used to in isolation. That need for tranquility will soon come into play when passengers wish for a place to reflect and pray away from the noise, while they wait at the airport.

What are prayer rooms?

These ‘Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms’ or ‘Multi-Faith and Belief Spaces’ can be found in many public places like airports, hospitals, universities or colleges and serve an important role in catering to all faiths and striving to make the facilities as inclusive as possible. Sadly, they are often forlorn and empty, sparsely decorated and poorly administered, facilities which have been tucked away in obscure corners in many of the world’s leading airports.

Design Considerations of a Prayer Room

Special care and planning needs to be implemented in the designing of these rooms. These rooms are not assigned to a specific faith and also welcomes passengers of no faith who might benefit from the facility also. Usually, they may have artifacts and religious books reflecting the variety of religions in the country at which the airport is located. There is also access to special areas for washing in preparation for prayer.


It is important to ensure that people of all abilities can participate in the services and spaces. Provide an accessible entrance, whether this is an internal or external entrance point. Then, consider additional accessible support elements such as stair lifts, ramps, and grab bars where needed, to make all participants and visitors feel safe and welcome. Approximately 15 percent of seating supplied in places of worship within hospitals/health care facilities should be removable and reserved for wheelchairs.

Product Recommendations

Below are a list of products that we recommend here at ATS to be used in future designs of prayer rooms:

1. Foot Wash Station

Acorn Engineering Double Wudu Foot Wash Trough


  • Provides a hygienic, spacious, and comfortable space to practice ritual ablution
  • Ideal for multi-faith prayer rooms in locations such as airports, shopping centers, schools, office buildings, and more
  • Fabricated from durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel, it can be paired with a matching stainless steel stool
  • Available in three sizes to accommodate one, two, or three simultaneous users

2. Foot Wash Solution

American Standard Serin Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout


  • Foot sinks are also used in prayer rooms to allow participants to wash/cleanse their feet in preparation for prayer
  • Part of the Serin® Collection, this durable cast-brass tub spout is equipped with a built-in diverter to be used in a bath/shower system
  • Strong and sturdy metal construction

3. Shower Floor

Stern-Williams Pentelic Roll-In Shower Floor


  • Sinks are used in prayer rooms to allow participants to wash/cleanse themselves in preparation for prayer
  • The intent is to allow a wheelchair patient to remain seated in the wheelchair and roll into the shower
  • This shower floor is designed with natural non-slip surface to provide better footing and increased safety during use
  • Dimensions: 64″ x 38″

4. Faucet

Sloan BASYS® Battery-Powered Wall-Mounted Wall Body Faucet


  • Commercial Grade, ADA Compliant, Electronic, Sensor-Activated, Die-Cast Metal Hand Washing Faucet
  • Used in prayer rooms to allow participants to wash/cleanse themselves in preparation for prayer
  • All wetted components are stainless steel, engineered thermoplastic, EPDM, and copper or copper alloy
  • All electronics sealed to IP-67

To see a sample or specification of the product shown above, click the following link:

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