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Creating a project with the new Cross Reference Tool

Every project or specification you have created may have similarities in the feel and design. There may have been times that you cross-referenced elements from your past projects as everyone wants to replicate success stories or even to save a bit of time. 

However, when you aren’t able to find elements from past projects due to product unavailability, or if it is no longer being manufactured. Especially during a time crunch or if you are trying to save on costs, you have had to settle for a comparable product, substitution, or equal product. 

Having alternatives ready can mitigate potential loss of time while waiting for the exact product you are looking for to be available again or be recreated. It’s important to remain flexible even though it may be a challenge to search for the right equivalent substitution

How ATS Cross Reference Tool Can Help!

At ATS, we have added the Cross Reference Tool where you can prepare a project spec with alternatives even easier by quickly finding equivalent competitors’ fixtures, fittings, plumbing equipment and drainage specialties.

The Cross Reference Tool saves time when you are trying the right equivalent based on its function, aesthetics, finish, value engineering and recommendation. Our database of products will locate a close match from another manufacturer based on the physical attributes of the product you originally want. There will be no need to pull your hair while you are frantically searching for an alternative!

You will also save a lot of time from finding an alternative match, which can streamline the process of sharing the project specification with anyone and anywhere they may be working from.

For more information in how you can make product selections, you can book a demo with our product experts. They will be happy to show you how ATS Spec Tool can help!

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