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Allied Technical Services Launch ATS’ Visual Spec Builder Tool

Visual Spec Builder


TORONTO, ON (March 1st, 2013) – Allied Technical Services (ATS) is proud to announce the launch of the ATS Visual Spec Builder; the latest specification building tool to be implemented on the ATS Spec website,

VSB seeks to revolutionize the plumbing specification process, by allowing users to create complete, fully customized, and accurate specifications, in real time, visually. ATS’ VSB gives designers the ability to see their color palettes, fixtures, fittings, and product selection decisions, instantly come to life. All products specified within ATS Spec are building code compliant, and complete with budget pricing, written specifications and available BIM models, ready for download, all for free.

Similar to the existing ATS Spec platform, the VSB online software automatically determines code compliant and compatible product combinations, based on the project requirements and geographical location. Product selection and coordination have never been easier. ATS’ VSB also gives the designer the ability, edit and save projects with all the images, drawings, written specifications, budget pricing, 3D BIM families and much more.

By simplifying the specification process of code compliant, and compatible products, and providing the user with the ability to build a complete, customized and accurate specification ‘visually’, ATS’ VSB platform will continue to increase communication and simplify the workflow between architects, designers, and engineers, streamlining the process from design, to specification. For more information on the ATS VSB as well as a comprehensive tutorial of this dynamic new system, please visit