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Allied Technical Services Announces Updated Model Code for McGuire’s Lead Free Products

To further reflect the lead free laws passed in the United States on January 4th, 2014, McGuire has updated their model code to the prefix “LF” on all lead free products. Allied Technical Services users can now log in to their account on our system to download a copy of their updated project.

Additional McGuire Information

– McGuire will not carry non-conforming stops and supply kits after January 4, 2014.

– McGuire has converted all sink, lavatory, and water closet supplies to lead free effective January 4, 2014.

ATS has made it a mandate that our systems promote lead free products that will be affected by this new American legislation, including faucets and fixtures used for potable use, including kitchen faucets, drinking fountains, and all associated fittings.

About Lead Free in North America

As of January 4, 2014, a new bill went into effect in the United States called Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act. According to this bill, lead free means, “not containing more than 0.2 percent lead when used with respect to solder and flux; and not more than a weighted average of 0.25 percent lead when used with respect to the wetted surfaces of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and fixtures.”

According to The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group, there is no regulatory action for lead free in Canada; however, it “will be mandated in Canada through the referencing of updated product standards with Lead Free requirements in the Model National Building and Plumbing Codes.” It will become “law when the Provinces and Territories reference the new Model Codes in legislation”. Currently, there is “no indication that the Federal, Provincial or Territorial Governments would take alternate or additional actions to implement Lead Free requirements.” (New CSA Low Lead Requirements. How CSA Group Can Help. PowerPoint Presentation. June 13, 2013.)

Even though there is not a lead free law in Canada, “testing is a requirement on materials with lead specifications greater than zero, and any materials with wetted surface areas in excess of 10% of the total wetted surface area of the product.” (Testing and Certification of Lead Content in Plumbing Products, Materials and Components. CSA Group. PDF)

Lead is a toxic metal and can become contaminated from lead plumbing fixture corrosion. If exposed to lead contamination, for even a short period, interference in red blood cell chemistry can occur, in addition to issues with impaired mental development in children. Long-term effects can include stroke, kidney disease, and cancer. (Consumer Factsheet on Lead in Drinking Water. EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency. <>)

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