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Covid-19 Design Guide: Quick fixes for Social Distancing Design

Health officials are stressing the importance of maintaining social distancing even once the stay at home restrictions are lifted. Many healthcare facilities, public spaces, and workplaces will need to be retrofitted to be handsfree, and minimize the contact with surfaces. Social distancing design is key for ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. ATS has a list of recommended solutions to quickly transform spaces into safe environments where social distancing can be maintained. 

Keys Factors for Social Distancing Design:

Waiting Room Screens 

Spectrum Safe Screen can prepare any new or existing spaces with physical barriers to minimize the spread of viruses. Even in workplaces where the recommended social distancing design and separation cannot be maintained, the Safe Screens can create a physical barrier of space.  Made with Trespa® TopLab® BASE, the surface is suited for environments where hygiene, avoidance of contamination, and safety are of importance.

Safe Screen - social distancing design

Hand Sanitizing Stations 

Making hand sanitizer readily available is an easy way to minimize bacteria spreading from the hands of customers or employees to others or inanimate objects. These units are not easily found through traditional commercial distributors so consider placing an order through your local Staples or other office supply stores.  

The Safe Screen Sanitizer Station by Spectrum provides free-standing, comfortable, and hygienic access to the sanitizer of your choice-wherever it is required. Made with Trespa® TopLab® BASE, Spectrum Safe Screen Sanitizer Station is an easy to clean and fastener-free addition to clinic & hospital waiting rooms, as well as community centers and office spaces that are looking for the best materials to help protect their workspace.

Retrofitting Hands-Free Restrooms

Retrofitting restrooms to be hands-free is probably the quickest way to minimize contact spread. Consider installing touch-free products like faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers manufacturers like Bobrick’s automatic soap dispensers which can easily be installed.  Most manufacturers have battery-operated units, as well as add-ons to the existing manual flush valve. These easy solutions can also minimize the need to call in third party contractors for installation.

Hands-Free Entry

Doors are probably the one thing everyone in the building will touch, while it can be a big undertaking, companies like Stanley Access have multiple retrofit options to fit any entry space. 

Antibacterial Finishes 

If budget and time allow, consider replacing fixtures and touch surfaces with products that have a permanent additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria on surfaces. As an example, American Standard has the option of specifying and installing plumbing fixtures with EverClean®  which is a permanent glaze additive to protect the surface and protect the pipes from mold, mildew, and bacteria. Door handles can also be replaced to include handles with a protective coating designed to inhibit the growth of destructive microbes on the surface of the hardware. 

Learn more about Rapid Delivery of Healthcare Facilities 

If you have any questions about the products featured in this article feel free to contact ATS. Our product experts are here to help via Live Chat, Email, and Phone (from the safety of our homes) or drop us an email and we’ll contact you!

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