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Designing with Care, Health and Safety in Mind – Patient Rooms

The importance of infection and prevention control practices have become more important than ever. We have seen COVID-19 has really put these practices to the test in our long term care facilities. As outbreaks continue to be an issue in endangering the lives of residents as well as health care workers and staff members, it is vital we reassess every part of the infection prevention protocols starting with the design of our Long Term Care Facilities. 

Whether it is equipment, mechanical solutions, or products inside a resident’s room, a commitment must be made by architects, engineers, and the long-term care facilities in providing caring, safe and secure environments for residents while maintaining their rights and dignity. 

When improving the quality of long-term care facilities, there needs to be an emphasis on reducing the number of touch-points and leveraging as many hands-free and touch-free options as possible. We have identified key products for the different areas inside a long-term care facility for safe and touch-free improvements. 

Patient rooms are the most important area inside a long term care facility to focus on in reducing the spread of germs. The numerous products inside the room are susceptible to contact. These rooms should be fitted with: 

  1. American Standard Afwall Universal Bowl with EverClean 

EverClean® is a double-coated surface to inhibit the growth of stains and odors causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The American Standard Afwall Universal Bowl operates in high efficiency and low consumption in the range of 1.1 gpf to 1.6 gpf. 

  1. American Standard Murro Wall-Hung Sink 

Available with  rear and sealed overflow, the American Standard Murro Wall-Hung Sink is designed for durability and maintenance in mind. Equipped with the antimicrobial coating , EverClean® .

  1. Chicago Faucets E-Tronic® 80

Designed with the Optional Commander™ handheld unit, residents will have a new level of control with the palm of their hand for touchless use. The built-in ASSE 1070 thermostatic protection valve helps prevent scalding and helps save water with an adjustable run time. In addition to its versatile design, this faucet allows for faster installation and easier maintenance for the long run. 

  1. American Standard Walk-In Soaking Bathtub

Designed for safety and comfort, this walk-in soaking tub is equipped with the Quick Drain® system to drain the entire tub of water in less than 2 minutes, allowing for safer and faster exits out of the tub. The built-in safety grab bar and textured bath floors allows residents a level of bathing independence without the worry of slips and loss of balance. 

  1. Stern-Williams Shower Floors with Linear Drain

This linear drain shower floor is designed with health and safety in mind.  The Terrazzo surface is grouted and sealed to prevent growth of stains and simple maintenance. In addition, this shower floor ensures better footing and increased safety for all long term care residents. 

Long-term care professionals have been working tirelessly to ensure the needs of the elderly and vulnerable residents are met during these challenging times. These new product innovations can ensure the most vulnerable to COVID-19 will be taken care of with safety and comfort in mind for both residents and workers. 

If you would like to learn more in how you can protect the elderly and most vulnerable individuals during these times, check out how our mechanical solutions that can be placed in a long term care facility!

For more information, be sure to book a demo with our National Sales Manager, Zach Allison to learn more!

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