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Need Help Complying with California Building Code 403.6.1?

Let Watts Water Technology and ATS help!

Recently the building department agencies have been enforcing the 403.6.1 code in California which states:

“Sloping floors or floors of varying levels strategically placed drainage. At a minimum, the drainage shall accommodate the calculated flow of the automatic fire sprinklers in the remote design area or 100 gpm, whichever is greater. This design shall not violate accessibility requirements in regard to level landing or threshold height requirements. The required drainage is not intended to accommodate water from sprinklers flowing within the elevator lobby.”


Watts answer is the new TD-300, elevator trench drain, in a 304 S.S. body which is heel proof and ADA compliant.


 Step 1: log into ATS Spec today, find the new drain under “Plumbing Equipment and Drainage Specialty”.

Step 2: select “Drainage Specialty”.


Step 3 : select “Trench Drain”.

Step 4 : select desired product.


Step 5: Then download in 13 formats including your choice of cut sheets, Revit files, CSI Master Spec for TD-300




..And you’re done!


As always, ATS still offers free demonstrations for you and your firm. Simply click here to fill out this form and we will be in touch soon.







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