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Mechanical System Design for Long-Term Care Facilities

As we continue to monitor and navigate through the challenges of COVID-19, it is important to evaluate the current state of Long Term Care Facilities to protect the elderly and most vulnerable individuals during these times. Last month, we provided solutions on how patient rooms can be redesigned and retrofitted to reduce the spread of germs and diseases.

However, there are also mechanical solutions to be considered for the safety of residents. Whether it’s the use of water in taking a shower/bath, grinding up waste from water-use appliances (i.e. kitchen sinks), or draining unwanted water from heavy rain storms. Even though mechanical solutions play more of a behind-the-scenes role in daily operations, it is important to ensure energy-efficient and durable solutions for the benefit of long term care residents. Long term care facilities should be fitted with:

  1. Watts IntelliStation Jr. System

As long term care residents have different preferences in water temperature for washing hands or taking a shower, the Watts IntelliStation Jr. digital mixing valve offers a stable output temperature within +/- 2°F with ASSE 1017 compliance. Password protected and configurable on-site, this mixing valve will monitor and control water temperatures to provide hot water for long term care residents when needed within a programmable setpoint range of 60°F to 180°F to ensure a comfortable and safe use every time.

  1. Lawler Manifold Parallel Recirculation System

The Lawler Series 800 SEA Valve Basic Manifold Parallel Recirculation System offers a hi-low valve, in a pre-pired assembly to ensure accurate and efficient water delivery. As part of Lawler’s Power of One™ pre-piped, pre-packaged, pre-tested systems, it minimizes time on-site. In addition, long term care workers can operate this system from a remote location via their Smart Building Management System.

  1. AO Smith Cyclone® LV BTHL Water Heater

The AO Smith Cyclone® LV BTHL water heater is designed to serve the needs of facilities that require large storage with critical load requirements. Available in 220- and 250-gallon capacities,the Cycline can deliver thermal efficiencies up to 96% with an Intelligent Demand Response (IDR) that senses large water draws and adjusts temperature.

  1. Zoeller Grinder Pump (Model: 840: 60 Hz)

The Zoeller 840 Grinder Pump is designed with durability in mind. The heavy-duty stainless steel cutters are protected from abrasive solids and can alternate direction to enhance blade life and free hang-ups (automatic or manual). The 840 pumps are easily retrofitted to some commercial rail systems and many operating control panels. This grinder pump has a unique reverse feature to help prevent overload on starting and extending the life of the cutter rotor and disc. 

  1. Watts Floor Drain with Round Strainer (Model: FD-100-C-A)

To help excess water flow out from an event like a thunderstorm, the Watts FD-100-C-A Floor Drain can help prevent water damage. Designed with an adjustable nickel bronze strainer, this floor drain’s weepholes can help provide a secure surface to prevent flooding and ensure simple maintenance. In addition, the acid resistant epoxy coating can ensure a long life for the floor drain.

Mechanical solutions play a behind-the-scenes role to ensure the safety and efficient operation inside a long term care facility. However, they are not to be ignored when keeping safety and comfort in mind for residents, workers, and employees.

If you would like to learn more in how you can protect the elderly and most vulnerable individuals during these times, check out how patient rooms can be redesigned in a long term care facility!

For more information, be sure to book a demo with our National Sales Manager, Zach Allison to learn more!

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