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Nothing beats the shark!

TORONTO, ON (September 2, 2021)

ATS Spec Solutions will now extend its specification support to specifiers with push-to-connect plumbing solutions from SharkBite. SharkBite and EvoPEX products will now be available to be specified on ATS Spec Tool in Canada.

About SharkBite

SharkBite has been offering plumbing systems for residential and commercial applications in Canada for the last 15 years.  For more than two decades, SharkBite has been at the forefront of innovating new products that solve problems and help the trade work more productively and efficiently globally. As the leader of push-to-connect plumbing, SharkBite solutions work across a wide range of applications, including new single family and multifamily home construction, repiping, remodel, service and repair work and water heater installations.

Part of the RWC Family of Brands

SharkBite is a part of the RWC global network of innovative water solutions.

About ATS Spec Solutions

ATS generates demand for the construction industry’s leading products and brands by providing world-class specification services and information solutions. Through our partnerships and our experience, we develop innovative technologies that save designers, manufacturers, and distributors time as they provide the right information to the community to create great spaces where people live, work, learn, heal, and play.

Click below to learn how to specify SharkBite on ATS Spec Tool!

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