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Back to Learning: Adapting Educational Spaces to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to present logistical challenges for everyday life, schools have had to implement short-term fixes/measures to minimize the spread for students and educators. However, educational spaces must be adapted to the need for space and hygiene. 

To ensure the safety of students, educators and staff, everything will look very different — from classrooms and cafeterias to washrooms and social spaces. While we see students and educators continue their daily routines, it is important to evaluate and implement new solutions in order to facilitate healthier educational facility environments. 

While we cannot anticipate with any degree of certainty of what the future may hold, there are elements that can be implemented in educational facilities design plans for improved and increased hygiene practices.

  1. American Standard Madera Top Spud Elongated Toilet Bowl (Model: 3461.001.02)

An elongated floor-mounted flushometer valve toilet with EverClean® Surface to inhibit growth of stain and odors. Whether used in a high school or staff washroom, this high-efficient and low consumption toilet operates in the range of 1.1 gpf to 1.6 gpf and is built for many years of use.

  1. American Standard Baby Devoro 1.28 gpf FloWise 10 Inch High Round Front Toilet (Model: 2315228.020)

Designed for an elementary school bathroom, this round front toilet is equipped with the Speed Connect™ tank/bowl coupling system. In addition, this high efficient toilet operates at low consumption, saving water at every use per child.

  1. Centoco Antimicrobial Juvenile Toilet Seat (Model: AM2300STSCC-001)

Designed for heavy-duty use in mind, this child-size toilet seat from Centoco is ideal to be installed for juvenile/baby toilets in washrooms inside elementary schools, childcare centres and other youth educational facilities. In addition, this seat has an antimicrobial additive to help protect stains and bacteria from children.

  1. Acorn Meridian® Corterra® Curved Front Tri-Basin (Model: 3773-2-SO)

Available in 3 stations, the basins are distanced apart for children and students to use to keep their hands clean and hygienic. The pushbutton only requires less than 5 pounds of force to activate per use.

  1. Spectrum Locker Z-Style Lockers

Made with thick solid phenolic composite material, the Spectrum Lockers Z-Tier Lockers allows for wheelchair accessibility and can be designed to ensure ADA and barrier-free mobility inside a change room or in the hallways.

6. Franke Art Room Sink (Model: ART60-1)

For an art/studio classroom, this single compartment satin-finish sink includes a crumb cup strainer and is undercoated to reduce condensation and resonance.

7. Elkay Enhanced EZH2O Bottle Filling Station & Single ADA Cooler (Model: LZS8WSLP)

To keep students and faculty hydrated, this bottle filling station provides a quick water bottle fill and helps reduce the dependency on disposable plastic bottles. Its failsafe recognition automatically recognizes a new filter and low-energy LED light encourages usage.

The opportunity to rethink face-to-face experiences and educational spaces is a learning experience for everyone involved. It’s important to leverage all the new technologies and hygienic solutions to help create a safe learning environment that will enhance learning outcomes. Specify these products in your next project.

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